May 23, 2012

How My Project Is Going

Well I have bought all the materials I need.
I have my scrapbook and all scrapbook materials.
I need to actually put everything together for it to be finished.

My work will benefit others because everybody can see my life throughout highschool.

May 17, 2012

The plan for the rest of the year

My pl;an for the rest of the year, is to create my senior srapbook and create my college blog.
I hope to have the blog create and all my materials needed for the scrapbook by sunday.
Then I can start uploading my pictures of stanislaus, and information I know so far.
I am also planning on setting up a scrapbook party for me and my friends. So we could exchange pictures and materials. :)
Im still thiking on how I will present the material.

April 25, 2012

Essay Prompts for Macbeth

1. 1972
    In retrospect the reader often discovers that the first chapter of a novel
or the opening scene of a drama introduces some of the major themes of the
work. Write an essay about the opening scene of a drama or the first
chapter of a novel in which you explain how it functions in this way.  In
your essay do not merely summarize the plot of the work you are

    Choose a work of literature written before 1900.  Write an essay in which
you present arguments for and against the work's relevance for  person in 1997.
Your own position should emerge in the course of the essay.  You
may refer to works of literature written after 1900 for the purpose of
contrast or comparison.

3. 1988
    Choose a distinguished novel or play in which some of the most
significantevents are mental or psychological; for example, awakenings,
discoveries,changes in consciousness. In a well-organized essay, describe how
the authormanages to give these internal events the sense of excitement,
suspense, andclimax usually associated with external action. Do not merely
summarize the plot

Macbeth Lecture Notes

The story is the rise and fall of a great man.

Really no humor or humanity, except the scene with Porter.
 The book has many compelling characters.

Everything that made him a great man in the begininng, ends up turning on him.
- But unlike any other shkaespeare character, this is all his fault.

Murder of Ducan
Ambition; story of morality

Witches tell him he's going to be king; Macbeth doesn't question it, shows that he may of already though about it.
 -Consumed with regret after killing him.

Lady Macbeth
Pure evil impulse
 -Makes sure Macbeth never stray from being evil

Tells Macbeth to be more manly
 -Animus: Masculine
 -Anima: Feminity

Still can't blame her for Macbeth's actions
 -He always wants to carry out the deed.

Couldn't handle the regret, unravels and commits suicide.

Macbeth is a mass murderer-- What is thier to admire?
 - His determination, despite what he is determined to do.
 -He knows what's its gonna cost him, but he still does it.
 -Tools to keep his inner soul at bay.

Nobody suspects he's murdering him.
 -But he's still going crazy

He's always have had the idea of killing the king.
 -The witches were just there to give him a push.

He doesn't feel, he doesn't care.

This is very dark play, physically and mentally.

April 24, 2012

My AP Future

Well,Im pretty familiar with how to take the AP test,so I don't need any help on managing my time.
But seriously,what I need to work on, is how to wreite my esssays better.
I need to figure out, how to better organize my thoughts.

April 16, 2012

Feats of wisdom #8

.Sassy Gay Friend Hamlet:

. Sassy Gay Friend: Romeo and Juliet

. MC Shakespeare:

. Famous Rap Battles:

. Ten things I hate about you referring to shakespeare's play:

. Hamlet 2:

. Freaky Friday Reference:
Part 1:
Part 2:

. Stars wars reference of Hamlet:

. Skins reference:

. Degrassi Reference:


April 15, 2012

Feats of Wisdom #10

My favorite movie scene is from Dude Where's My Car:

 And here is the script I remixed that is kinda like the clip, but in Iambic pentameter:

 Hello ma'm, I would like some food to go,
 Okay, what will you be having today,
 We will gladly have some shrimp fried rice, yo,
And what else will you be having today?

 Some soup with our meal will be good too,
And what else will you be having today?
And some of that animal that goes moo,
And what else will you be having today?

 I think that will be all today lady,
And what else will you be having today?
Uh that's it, ain't trying to be shady,
 And what else will you be having today?

 THAT'S IT! Give me the price I have to pay!
And what else will you be having today?